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Posted by on September 21, 2016 at 2:25 PM

Some vendors selling shaved ice have recently been quoted by customers as having described their products as "fruit ice". This is clearly misleading, since their products contain no fruit or fruit juice whatsoever and would be more accurately described as "chemical ice". While I have nothing against vendors selling snow cones or any other product, I do have a problem with false or misleading marketing.

Everything I sell has to have the ingredients clearly listed on each package by law. I do not understand why certain other vendors do not meet these same standards and why it is even allowed.

When I tell you I have fruit bars, that's exactly what they are, fruit and nothing but fruit. If you choose to buy something entirely artificial, that's your right, but you should at least be told the truth.

And while I'm on the subject, there are numerous unlicensed trucks running around sporting big signs that say "ICE CREAM". Most of these do not have one single item that is actually ice cream. Companies like Good Humour, Riches, and Purity, now have artificial products made out of oil instead of cream.

Olive palm oil is one of the common ingredients. If that doesn't sound familiar, let's reverse the words: "palm olive". That's right ! That's where the famous brand gets its name. When you buy these products, you're getting food made from oil that is normally used to make soap. Doesn't that sound delicious?