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1-800 numbers

Posted by on July 11, 2016 at 7:20 PM

Here's what can happen when you use an 800 number to book an ice cream vendor for your event:

1. You'll likely be talking to someone who is not in your state and is not familiar with your area or your needs. 

2. The 800 company may not own any trucks in your area or have local staff. Your event may be "sold" to a third party who is not responsible to either you or the company. One such company lists a Nashville location that does not exist.

3. You may be tempted by cheap prices. A cheap price always means poor quality and poor service.You deserve better. You may find yourself getting an inferior vehicle with  inferior products.

Most trucks carry artificial products made with oil and chemicals. The driver may also be less than professional. 

4. Many "ice cream" trucks in the Nashville operate illegally, without health permits, safety equipment, a commercial freezer, commercial plates, commercial liability insurance, or any visible contact information. 

5. The driver may get lost and show up late or not at all due to poor directions or poor skills.


So who do you blame when you dial 1-800  and something goes wrong?

Unfortunately only yourself !

When you call


(615) 513-1466 

you get Mr Bryan himself and nobody else!

No middlemen! No guesswork!

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