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Most people assume that a text message works as well as a phone call. It does not ! They hear me in their neighborhood and text me to turn around, if they have missed me. Unfortunately, text alerts are hard to hear in a movng vehicle, and I may not notice your text until hours later .......way too late to do any good. And If I happen to be usIng my credit card reader, the phone doesn't work either. The only reliable way to reach me is a PHONE CALL !  If I don't answer, CALL ME AGAIN in a minute or two ! I can always hear phone calls, as long as my credit card reader is not being used. I really hate my loyal customers to be disapointed. They are my friends and I value them beyond measure. I will do anything within my power, to give them great service and make them happy. But DO NOT TEXT ME ! PHONE ME ! Cheers!


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Many people and especially restaurants throw out almost as much coffee as they consume. This can get surprisingly expensive over time, especially if you tend to buy premium varieties. I found out many years ago that coffee does not get stale, as most people believe. It turns bitter because it's being kept hot. If you make coffee and IMMEDIATELY remove it from the heat and let it cool, it can be reheated for at least 2 days. As long as you don't reheat it to the boiling point, it will taste as fresh as when you made it. Over several decades, this trick has saved me many hundreds of dollars.  

Left over coffee can be frozen into cubes for making iced coffee in the blender and also makes a very good gravy browning ingredient. A small amount has often been the secret ingredient in many of my recipes. (Not that I actually ever follow a recipe. LOL) Coffee grounds are also good for your garbage disposal and kitchen drains. Think of them as "roughage".

I'll be posting more money saving tips from time to time. This one alone should save you enough to pay for all of your Ice Cream, which of course is the whole point. LOL


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I've added some new lights an a new menu board to the truck. It now has colorful flashing lights around the hightop and a full size tow truck style flashing light bar on the roof. These not only make the truck more fun and easier to find, but also safer for both myself and my customers. Safety is always a top priority. The new menu board has a cleaner look than product pictures on the curved chassy. I also have a second music box that plays fun noises for parties .... everything from sirens to crowing roosters and mooing cows. Always looking for ways to add value and make things more fun. ;)